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ThePartnership no. 14

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Increasing consumption

Increasing consumption of organic fresh Conscious choice for a healthy lifestyle Global warming, prevention of lifestyle diseases or simply because it tastes good. The global consumption of organic products is increasing. This increase appears to be linked to the level of prosperity of the countries and their inhabitants. The consumer prices are decreasing due to scaling up of production and conscious choices by retail chains. A lot is happening in the world of organics. The global consumption of organic products is increasing significantly. In January 2018, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness published the Word Vegetable Map, listing the percentage of organic consumption per country in relation to income (see figure next page). There is not much interest in organic products in countries with low incomes. As soon as prosperity increases, so does consumption. This could be linked to an increase in knowledge and awareness, but the higher price of organic seems to be a more obvious reason. Swiss citizens are the most enthusiastic conscious consumers. No less than 16% of their fruit and vegetable purchases are organic. However, income is not the sole factor. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom also have sufficient prosperity, but the consumption in these countries is no more than 5%. Healthy Americans “Consumers in the United States and Canada are showing an increasing interest in organic products, resulting in rapid growth of the market,” explains Erica Renaud, Regional Business Manager at Vitalis Organic Seeds North America. “People have very diverse reasons for this. One of these reasons is the growing awareness that there are limits to the extent to which we can exhaust the earth’s resources. Millennials want to know where their food comes from and have a preference for quality, an authentic production process and good labour conditions over a food production system driven by cost price.” As far as American consumers are concerned, quality means that they want to eat food that contains vitamins, in the hope of preventing possible lifestyle diseases. Young people pay more Trends 14 | The Partnership The Partnership | 15

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