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The Partnership no. 8

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The global lettuce market is constantly evolving as consumers in the Western markets continually trigger new trends, thereby creating new requirements for this versatile product. This evolution is also visible in countries which do not have a long history of lettuce. Product As the lettuce market has become globally competitive, it has become increasingly important to respond to consumer trends in a timely manner and to offer products with added value. “Today’s trends are the result of the consumer’s desire for a healthier lifestyle and for the efficient use of time,“ explains Crop Research Director of Leafy Vegetables, Henk Driessen. “Key triggers for today’s consumers are taste, healthy living, convenience, interaction, exclusivity and food safety.” Lettuce in a global market Trend 1: fresh cut produce The consumers’ desire for a healthier lifestyle and convenient food has boosted the demand for fresh cut produce. The US, UK and Spain are global leaders in this market trend. Even in the more traditional lettuce markets such as France and Germany fresh cut produce is increasing, however the sales of whole head lettuce still prevails. These whole heads are now often wrapped in plastic. Driessen: “The demand for fresh cut lettuce introduces new challenges such as increasing the net yield and shelf life of this produce. Consumers also tend to have higher requirements with regards to taste and variation in shape and colour.” Trend 2: hydroponics A second important trend to which markets must respond is the cultivation of lettuce in water. The driving forces behind this ‘clean’ way of growing lettuce is its convenience, year-round consistency and food safety. Advantages A hydroponic system has many advantages for the grower. First and foremost is the fact that many production cycles can be realised per year. As the lettuce is cultivated in water instead of soil, growers no longer have to fear soil-borne diseases such as Fusarium. Hydroponics also benefits the environment as the exhaustion of arable land is no longer a limiting factor, and it is a good alternative in regions where soil or water is scarce. Working conditions are improved as well as the water containers are at an ideal working height thereby ensuring easy labour friendly harvesting. Emotion Hydroponics is becoming ever more interesting from a business point of view too. Lettuce is sold as a high-value product in some markets. “The roots that are still attached to the plant strengthen the awareness of it being a fresh product. Today’s consumers are willing to pay a higher price for it. And in markets in which localfor-local has emotional value, such as the US and the surroundings of large cities, hydroponics offers extra value because it means that the produce can be grown locally, even in areas where water is scarce." 4 | The Partnership The Partnership | 5

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