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The Partnership no. 18

8 Index Dear reader,

8 Index Dear reader, dear partner, Welcome to the 18 th edition of the Enza Zaden ‘The Partnership’ magazine! 4 These are historic times. In a single season the virus called Covid-19 attacked our health, our social life and our mobility. Governmental interventions aimed at stopping the exponential infection rate had and still have a severe impact on the way we are working and living. Our vulnerability became obvious. Connecting, collaborating and improvising are essential during such disruptive circumstances. Thanks to our committed employees, partners and our multi-local approach we were able to act quickly and effective to the changes. That allowed us to continue doing what we always do: providing you with new genetics to improve your business operations. This results in new varieties delivering better yields, new traits or consumer benefits like taste and shelf-life. Because we always realize; only if your business does well, Enza Zaden’s business does well. 18 12 Together we can do more for an even better future. That is why you can count on our Enza Zaden colleagues to go the extra mile to stay connected to you. During good times and even more during challenging times. 24 Stay safe! Jaap Mazereeuw The Partnership 4 8 Breakthrough in new spinach varieties with strong resistance pattern Spinach: delicious, sought-after and extremely healthy. About the rat race between mutating pathogens and breeders to develop resistant varieties. And the importance of this crop for the US market. Powering through the industry How Mexico has risen to the challenge of providing a consistent supply of high quality, tasty produce to its biggest consumer, the US, year round. 16 18 Melon House Fair Spain: Horticultural varieties, value chain and innovation During the Melon House Fair in Spain Enza Zaden shows how the company makes its contribution to the economic system of melon production and cultivation. Health of plants and humans calls for smarter working methods Our sector is currently battling two destructive viruses: ToBRFV and coronavirus. Although there are many differences, both viruses lead to a technological (r)evolution. 24 27 A fresh approach to fresh produce Is it a supermarket, is it an indoor fresh market? The unique formula of Grand Frais and the cooperation with Enza Zaden and growers, brings this rather atypical French chain and its partners a lot of success. Column Jan Panman Jan Panman, Regional Sales Director Enza Zaden Export, reflects on what the corona crisis means for the way his Export team works together and connects with relations all over the world. 12 Coronavirus affects society, consumption, sales channels and supply chain What is the impact of such a disruptive phenomenon as coronavirus on our sector? 20 Hybrids: more complex, more complete and more added value About the advantages of hybrids, the challenges in the breeding process and what the future looks like. 28 Financial support to help those in need Enza Zaden supported an irrigation project in Northern Ghana, with the objective to improve the health and the economic capacity of people in thirty households. Cover: Herlindo Martinez, Sr. Sales Representative Central Mexico (right) and Edson Ayala, Owner of Greenova. Location: Greenova at Queretaro, Mexico. 30 Event calendar An overview of upcoming events. The Partnership | 3

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