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The Partnership no. 17

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28 Index Dear reader,

28 Index Dear reader, dear partner, Welcome to the 17th edition of the Enza Zaden ‘The Partnership’ magazine! In the current turbulent times, volatile markets and global work environment, we continue to work together with you to develop healthy vegetable varieties that excel in consistency, reliability and quality. In other words, varieties that you can rely on. This teamwork with you, at local and global level, is the key to our success. responsibility in terms of working conditions, as well as respect for the society and the environment. Enza Zaden is based on the principles of integrity, fairness and honesty, allowing us to represent your interest fairly. Furthermore, we adheres to the law, phytosanitary regulations and expects the same from our partners. 4 Innovation is the foundation and strength of Enza Zaden. We invest thirty percent of our turnover in research, broadening and developing the knowledge of our employees and cooperation with our partners. And that pays off in the form of a constant flow of innovations. Each week, we launch two new varieties onto the global market. Varieties that offer positive distinctive benefits and add value for our partners and customers. We will keep investing in the market, innovation and products. However, we fully recognises we can only achieve this together with you to get the best outcome for all! Joost Gietelink Chief Financial Officer 8 16 However, we can only reach this by working closely with all our partners and customers, globally and locally. They come first: we try harder! We focus on serving the whole chain; from growers, traders, supermarkets and processing industry to consumers. Together we make the best quality products, for each product-market segment. 22 At these times, it also remains key for Enza Zaden to recognise our corporate responsibility, the importance of integrity and compliance with law. This affects our The Partnership 4 Orange Summer’s success whets appetite for more A big hit in Europe: pumpkin variety Orange Summer. How this variety grew to become a game changer. And what it entailed. 15 In Focus Enza Zaden at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. This year with two booths, because Tribelli® gets its own. 24 Inspiring marketing concepts Interesting developments take place in the way fresh herbs are offered for sale in European and North American supermarkets. Various sales concepts explained. 8 Quality gaining ground in the country of the Little Canaries One of the world’s biggest countries is undergoing a fundamental transition. Much has to do with the increased professionalism that’s still growing in Brazil. 16 Healthy eating From awareness to eating healthy. How? Three ways explained: encouraging, making the choice easy and helping consumers where knowledge is needed. 28 High-tech Sherlock Holmes Did you know that phytopathologists and Sherlock Holmes have quite a bit in common when it comes to diagnostics? The work of lab detectives explained. 12 Premium varieties pay off Making a positive difference. That’s what the partnership between Filipino onion grower Ramos and Enza Zaden is all about. 20 Compounds - beneficial for plants and people What’s good for plants, is often also beneficial for us humans. How compounds help plants and contribute to our health. 31 Continuous development and innovation Polish trader Amplus is always looking for innovations and opportunities. Being one of the largest enterprises in the Polish fresh produce market today, this approach clearly pays off. Cover: Matome Ramokgopa General Manager South Africa Commercial 23 Column Marc Vogels, Vice President Global Logistics, gives his vision on the global supply chain. And how cross functional teamwork leads to success. 34 Event calendar An overview of upcoming events. The Partnership | 3

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