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The Partnership no. 13

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Dear reader, dear

Dear reader, dear partner, Welcome to the 13th edition of the Enza Zaden ‘The Partnership’ magazine! In this edition we present a wide range of articles. From the latest developments in our Enza Zaden worldwide melon breeding program, via an overview of developments and trends in the Polish market to biodiversity and high tech seed production in Tanzania. The Partnership reflects the enormous diversity in markets, products and customers throughout the world and emphasizes how complex the vegetable seed world has become. have access to healthy, varied vegetables. We can only realise this by being close to our customers, in partnerships. Wish you a joyful read of this latest edition of The Partnership. Jan Panman Regional Sales Director Enza Zaden Export 18 Enza Zaden is expanding rapidly: new subsidiaries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, continuous investments in research and development, in technology and increased attention for seed processing and packaging. Our ambition is to create new vegetable varieties for all different markets and climatic zones. So that all people around the world The Partnership 4 8 12 Growth and movement in heated tomato More diversity in the tomato shelves has stimulated consumption. What does this mean for the different parts of the world where this trend has particularly taken place? Polish vegetable sector forging ahead The Polish vegetable cultivation has become more large-scale, modern and professional. An insight in this transformation and the market. LipetskAgro continues to expand in Russian high-tech growth The partnership between the ultra-modern company Lipetsk Agro and Enza Zaden works very well, sharing knowledge, experiences and wishes. Cover: Mariann Börner Manager Gene Bank

30 Index Product Index 14 26 25 14 Today's trends ask for shelf-life analysis Shelf-life is a major point of attention. Today, scientists screen new crossbreeds for shelf-life characteristics more quickly and at an earlier stage. 26 The dynamic world of biodiversity Biodiversity is a hot topic nowadays. What’s going on in this dynamic world of genetic diversity? 18 Local flavour heroes conquer the north The local melon types are growing in popularity. How come? And which marketing efforts are needed to deal with this change? 30 Bridging the Seed Gap What can be achieved within 5 years? Non-profit organisation Fair Planet proves that this period can be lifechanging for many smallholder farmers. 22 State-of-the-art seed production An insight of what our production station in Tanzania does to meet the highest seed production standards. 33 In Focus Up-to-date with the latest developments and events. 25 Column Monique Salomons, Assistant Station Manager in Tanzania, writes how teamwork and respect for each other's differences brings success. 34 Events An overview of upcoming events. The Partnership | 3

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