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The Partnership no. 11

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Dear reader, Index

Dear reader, Index Product Index Welcome to the 11th edition of Enza Zaden's ‘The Partnership’ magazine! In the current edition we present a wide range of articles, from the world of LET cucumbers to the fast diversifying North American vegetable market – with special attention to the company Earthbound – and an article on Nongsan, a major Korean sweet pepper grower and trader. We also have an article on vegetable snacks and children, a worldwide important topic that is relevant for all times and geographies. For example: the high consumption of fresh onion, fresh lime and fresh hot pepper in India with nearly every meal has all to do with vitamins and taste. 4 LET cucumbers… What’s happening? Although LET cucumbers have hardly changed on the exterior over the last few years, the developments in cultivation and breeding have continued. Let’s see what is going on. 8 Opportunities and differences in North America North America is characterised by tremendous differences. At the same time, the present trends imply sufficient opportunities for this region. 12 Nongsan paves the way for sweet peppers In less than twenty years the acreage of greenhouse sweet peppers has grown hugely. Something that could only be achieved by good partnership. Markets Product A new year, 2017, has just started. Jaap Mazereeuw mentioned the following in his New Year’s speech: “We estimate our worldwide market share in vegetable seeds at around 9%, which means that we as a company and as Enza Zaden colleagues are responsible for the basis of daily healthy nutrition for hundreds of millions of people. Hundreds of millions of people who eat our vegetables, millions of farmers who, thanks to our resistant varieties, use fewer pesticides and so have a higher and more secure income. The enormous economic and social impact of our work is not something that we think about every day. But that greater social role for Enza Zaden is assigned to us. Both nationally and internationally, Enza Zaden is regarded as one of the leaders in the world of vegetable seeds. Winning the Family Business Award and once again taking top place in the Hillenraad 100 list of Dutch horticultural businesses are quality marks of external appreciation that we can all be proud of. We play an active role in matters that are the subject of public discussion, for example, patents, biodiversity, globalisation and promising new breeding methods. In these discussions, Enza Zaden focuses on people and welfare, reward entrepreneurship and treat each other and nature with respect and integrity.“ Enza Zaden wishes all partners and customers worldwide a very good 2017. Enjoy reading this latest edition of The Partnership! Jan Panman Regional Sales Director Enza Zaden Export 2 | The Partnership 14 Calculating taste experience Combining analytical data with taste panel results opens a great world of scientific predictions. A promise for the future. 17 In Focus Up to date with the latest developments and events. 18 Levarht’s keys to success A real life example of how the combination between cooperation and marketing lead to success. 22 Access to vegetables & a better standard of living Enza Zaden supports several CSR projects with the aim of improving the standard of living of people. A survey. 24 How to get kids to eat healthy snacks? It takes more than marketing alone to promote healthy snacking. The horticultural industry may play a pivotal role, too, especially when cooperating on several fronts. 28 Happy soil, happy crops, happy people Earthbound Farm is market leader in the production and sale of organic leafy vegetables. Close cooperation with its chain partners is one of the factors this company owes its success to. 31 Column Regional Sales Director South Europe Prudencio Olivares explains the role of partnerships in marketing & sales actions. 32 Geothermal energy, a new boost Around the world geothermal energy is becoming increasingly popular, also in greenhouse horticulture. An insight. 34 Events An overview of upcoming events. Cover: Marina Herrerías, daughter of Oscar Herrerías, Senior Sales Representative, Enza Zaden Spain. 4 8 Marketing Partnership 12 18 Technology Trends 24 32 The Partnership | 3

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