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The Partnership no. 11

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Partnership and marketing, Marketing Levarht’s keys to succes Levarht offers supermarket and fast-food chains tailor-made fresh fruit and vegetables. The dedicated supplier has grown spectacularly the past decade. Commercial Director Claas van Os says that they owe this success to recognising their customers’ wishes and to making no compromises in meeting those wishes by involving all the links in the supply chain. Seed companies play an important part in this process, too. Claas van Os (left): “Our partners choose to share knowledge with us and to grow together. This way we can create value together, something that pays off in the long term." "That's a company mindset we both share," says Chris Groot, Produce Chain Manager. Claas van Os is very definite about his company: Levarht is more than just an international sales organisation specialising in fruit and vegetables. In their primary role as a guiding chain partner, the Commercial Director and his colleagues make sure that their buyers – supermarket chains, catering companies and the food industry – and their customers – consumers – get what they want and need. “We pay a lot of attention to our growers, too,” he adds. “There’s a lot at stake and we make every effort to excel in what we do. We’re closely involved in our partners’ cultivation efforts and grow produce ourselves, too. At the basis is a strong, global network of partners in every link in the production and distribution chain. And Enza Zaden most definitely forms part of that.” Substantial growth in turnover The last five years Levarht’s turnover has grown substantially. That goes to show that the company’s approach is a success. “Our key to success lies in closely working together with our partners and add value in every step of the supply chain,” explains Van Os. “It all starts with finding out what consumers actually want and what challenges retailers are facing. The next step is to interpret that knowledge at the beginning of the chain. What does it mean for our sales concepts, marketing and logistics? And what for our range of varieties, the cultivation methods and our production planning? What does it imply for the breeding companies’ product development?” Growing together Working together to ensure satisfied consumers all year round is quite a challenge. Levarht therefore selects its partners with the greatest care. “Our partners choose to share knowledge with us and to grow together. This way we can create value together, something that pays off in the long term. That's a company mindset we share with Enza Zaden. It’s an open, cooperative company with a wide range and extensive knowledge of the global market. We understand one another excellently. What’s more, we are both in contact with the same groups of customers, which means that we can also achieve things together in the field of market research and develop appealing new initiatives. A great added advantage is Enza Zaden’s cultivation expertise, which is very important for growers who want to grow new varieties or products.” Fixed producers Levarht preferably works with fixed producers, anywhere in the world. The company also grows a few products itself, to supplement its range so as to be able to supply fruit and vegetables to its customers all year round. “Greenhouse vegetables come predominantly from our fixed partner in the Netherlands, the growers’ association Van Nature. The growers united in Van Nature are highly committed, very proud of their products and strongly focused on quality and market-oriented cultivation. We also grow greenhouse vegetables at our own production sites in Mexico and 18 | The Partnership The Partnership | 19

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