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The Partnership no. 10

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(Phytosanitary) challenges in seed imports and exports Enza Zaden imports seeds of all our varieties, produced worldwide, to Enkhuizen for central processing and quality control. Once ready, the packaged seeds are exported to the different countries/markets where we sell them. More and more regulations make import and export – let’s call it – challenging. The phytosanitary regulations are the most important in this respect. A multi-lateral treaty of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has resulted in 24 different International Standard Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM’s), guidelines for dealing with phytosanitary matters. Aim is to simplify them and to have a clear ISPM for seeds, but this is a long process. So we still have to deal with the situation that each country implements its own set of phytosanitary rules for seed imports based on the production country of origin. We produce 35 crops in 25 countries and sell in 110 countries. Theoretically this means 100,000 requirement sets. Of course we do not produce and sell varieties in all these countries, but it gives an idea about the complexity. We fulfill most of the requirements through field inspections during seed production, but some countries require seed tests. We therefore have contractual arrangements with our producers for inspection of the relevant diseases by the local phytosanitary authorities of the country of production. To maintain flexibility we arrange a broad inspection allowing us to fulfill as many country requirements as possible. To give an idea: for the fruity crops fifteen to twenty pathogens each are checked during production; for other crops on average two to three. Strangely enough, not all these diseases are seed-borne, but on the ones that are, we also test the seed lots received. We see regulations change and become stricter increasingly more. This is also caused by more sensitive seed health tests, which not always give relevant results though. Authorities, however, are difficult to convince and they use the precaution principle. Enza Zaden works with seed trade associations and – in cooperation with you, as our partners – directly with local phytosanitary bodies, in order to smoothen seed imports and therefore not to lose sales. Towards the future this will be even more important. We count on you! Vincent van Bentum Managing Director Seed Operations Enza Zaden 4 Ravishing radish Get to know the ins and outs of radish, a product which is growing in popularity. 8 Mexico, vegetable paradise Mexico's climate is ideal for fruit and vegetable production. Get to know the Mexican vegetable culture and the opportunities for the produce chain. 12 Turkey growing in high-tech horticulture Since the very beginning the cooperation between high-tech grower Smyrna Seracilik, distributor AG Tohum and Enza Zaden has been very close. With success as a result. 14 Closing in on phytopathology Knowledge grows, and so does the understanding of how plants interact with the environment. This results in great new opportunities. 17 In Focus Up to date with the latest developments and events. 18 Value creation under the influence of global trends Successful introductions are spreading across the world faster and faster. Learn how this is determined and what potential it brings. 22 Stronger together in Nepal Small village cooperatives are very common in Nepal. They know the added value of partnership. With just a little help they achieve great things together. 24 In a PFAL it’s always spring Plant Factories with Artificial Light. What are the benefits and risks of this high-tech growing method? And what should you take into account? 28 Setting trends in leafy products & herbs Fresh food processors such as Bakkavor give breeding companies a lot of insight into the market for ready-to-eat fresh products. 31 Column General Manager EZ Brazil Jean-François Hardouin writes what partnerships mean for a start-up subsidiary. 32 Green light for LEDs in the cultivation of tomatoes What does the future hold, SON-T lamps, LED systems or combinations of the two? Three experts give their opinion. 34 Events An overview of upcoming events. Markets Product 4 8 Marketing Partnership 12 18 Technology Trends 24 32 Index Product Index 2 | The Partnership Cover: Andrea Schieder,Crop Breeding Manager Radish & Herbs at Enza Zaden Germany The Partnership | 3

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