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Melon 2018

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Cantaloupe Sutured

Cantaloupe Sutured Konquista (E25S.00449) Cracking tolerance and superb fruit quality Konquista has a strong plant and outstanding post-harvest performance. The fruit has a very good flavour, fresh appearance and a high consistence in quality. Brix is between 13-16. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px1,2,5/Ag Kabayon The safety that makes the difference Konquista (E25S.00449) Kabayon is a Cantaloupe Sutured variety for the early cycle. High production and uniform fruits are characteristics of Kabayon. Also the fruits are excellent netted, have a good brix level and red colour flesh. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Ag Giasone (E25S.00187) Excellent presentation and aroma Giasone is a real eye-catcher with dark green clean-cut sutures and excellent rind degreening at maturity. The flesh is juicy and has a deep orange colour, excellent linden aroma and high sugar content. Resistances: HR: Fom:0,1,2/MNSV | IR: Px:1,2 Kabayon Giasone (E25S.00187) 6 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 7

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