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Leaflet Zucchini South Africa 2018

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Leaflet Zucchini South Africa

Zucchini Desert | new • The variety of choice in South Africa! • Offers unmatched fruit quality: uniform, cylindrical and dark green. • An elongated peduncle makes fruit easy to pick. • Fruit maintain their cylindrical shape even as larger marrows. • Plants are strong, upright and open for easy harvest. • Longer harvest window due to better tolerance against squash leaf silvering and the Poty-Virus group. • Stands out with improved disease tolerance:IR: Px/CMV/ZYMV/WMV/PRSV Desert Aretusa • Vigorous open plant, reliable under diverse and harsh conditions. • Produces high quality cylindrical fruit that are dark green. • High level of Poty Virus resistance. • Resistance: IR: Px/ZYMV/WMV/PRSV Aretusa

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