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Leaflet Rucola Shelf Life 2017 ENG

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Our promise of quality

Our promise of quality Enza Zaden is a family owned breeding company that develops international and local vegetable varieties for almost 80 years. We keep track of global trends and developments and cooperate with our business partners to offer unique and valuable solutions tailored to your markets. Reliability, uniformity and taste are crucial parameters when it comes to the breeding of new varieties. We understand the current challenges and the emerging relevance of certain variety characteristics. That’s why we focus on the ongoing research in breeding resistances as well as on the improvement of shelf life. Strong and reliable varieties - Resistance Makes The Difference In order to attune our newest herb and rucola varieties to the wishes and demands of the market, the Enza Zaden breeders have developed new rucola varieties that are resistant to downey mildew (DM). Moreover, these new rucola varieties do also excel with an improved shelf life. The corresponding varieties are labelled with our RMTD quality mark in our product catalogues and literature. Rucola shelf life trials Enza Zaden has been highly engaged in rucola shelf life testing since 2013. First trials were conducted in the US. More extensive and ongoing trials started in Germany in 2016 and will be continued in 2017. Based on the research and testing results it can be said that DM resistant varieties with a fine leave and an above average distinct cuticle have a longer shelf life than those with a thicker leave and no DM resistance. The by far best shelf life was observed for “Prudenzia F1”, closely followed by the varieties “Anastazia“ and “Letizia“. The new Enza Zaden rucola generations are therefore a reliant and ideal choice for every supplier who is striving for a good shelf life and a subsequent sale in the food retail market. Prudenzia F1 Anastazia RMTD: new generation of herb varieties with excellent resistance or other specific added values like shelf life or cold tolerance. Letizia

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