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Leaflet Eazyleaf

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The benefits of

The benefits of Eazyleaf for all partners in the chain: • Growers: higher yield and mechanized one-cut harvest. • Shippers and retailers: significantly less shrinkage and longer shelf life. • Food service: premium quality on sandwiches. • Consumers: tender flavour, colourful and equally-sized thick leaves, ideal for salad mix. Eazyleaf stands for: • Year round availability. • Remarkable texture, maintained in the packaging and on the plate. • Superior variety of leaf shapes with multiple green and high-gloss dark red colours. • Availability in conventional and organic forms. • Excellent resistance packages. “Enza Zaden has a wide range of Eazyleaf varieties, consisting of various lettuce types for different sowing and growing regions, attuned to customer needs. Our breeders are strongly dedicated to innovation to create the best quality seeds for the global market.” Jochem Koopman, Portfolio Manager at Enza Zaden Excellent resistance packages Premium quality on sandwiches

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