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Iceberg 2018


Iceberg Winter Summer Botiola | STANDARD • A winter standard. Glendana | STANDARD • Medium sized iceberg. Botiola • Large sized variety that grows very well throughout winter. • Delivers reliable packout. • Forms firm heads with good volume and high weight even under adverse conditions. Acula • A robust lettuce that produces very uniform heads. • Good tolerance to tipburn and bolting with a long harvest window. • Large frame, fast maturing with good tolerance to big vein. Diegola • A cool season variety for harvesting. • Large frame and good wrap for head protection. • Produces highly uniform, round heads even under cool conditions. • Very uniform and adaptable variety with good heat tolerance, also performs well in cooler climates. • Excellent internal characteristics with a dense heart and a very low core. • Medium to late maturing, very strong against tipburn and bolting. • Large frame, round head shape, good leaf cover. Saula | STANDARD • Medium-sized iceberg. • Best suited for summer. • Very tolerant to tipburn with a long harvest window. • Highly uniform. • Produces a nice flat round head. • Stays green even with high light intensities. • Works well in hydroponic systems. Glendana Icemaker | NEW • Large iceberg with high leaf count. • Good big vein tolerance. • Sure heading with good uniformity. Oriola • Medium-sized iceberg. • For harvesting from early summer and onwards through the hottest months. • Tightly wrapped frame providing optimal protection against disease and sunburn. • Fast filling and sure heading; also holds well in the field. Acula Pelayo | NEW • For winter production. • Good field standing ability. • Long harvesting window. Vicentola | NEW • Medium to large, dark green iceberg. • Adaptable summer variety; performs well across South Africa. • Good performance in the Glendana slot. • Registered Fusarium resistance. Saula Diegola Oriola 6 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 7

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