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Iceberg 2018

Introduction Welcome to

Introduction Welcome to the innovative world of Enza Zaden, a world-class vegetable breeding company. The majority of our employees works in Research & Development and we invest about 30% of our turnover in R&D. Product development is the engine that drives us. We breed in all major vegetable crops and are a leader in iceberg breeding. International, but local Enza Zaden started in 1938, in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. Today we have breeding stations and seed production facilities all over the world. We are a multi-local company. This means we work with local people. They know all the ins and outs of our sector and their local market. South Africa In South Africa we are active in most main vegetable markets like sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato, onion and leafy vegetables like iceberg, leafy lettuce and cauliflower. Before commercialisation, new varieties are trialled rigorously throughout South Africa to ensure they meet our market’s needs. New Iceberg varieties Breeding new Iceberg for everyone, everywhere We are proud to say we cater for all growers, markets and consumer needs. Our extensive range of iceberg varieties are bred for growers and markets across the world. Need for quality Quality and shelf life are standard in all our varieties. Only the best are selected for commercialisation. All varieties are diligently trialled throughout the world to ensure we select varieties that outperform the best. All year round Enza Zaden offers high yield varieties that deliver in all seasons. Choose from true winter types like Botiola for very cold Highveld winter production. Or Glendana for the hot and humid conditions of KwaZulu Natal. Varieties for any growing system Enza Zaden offers varieties that work in any growing system. Whether you grow iceberg lettuce in the good old, tried and trusted, open field or via the relatively new hydrophonic system. Contact your local representative for recommendations that work for you. Breeding for disease resistance Enza Zaden is at the forefront of breeding varieties with resistance to the latest strain of Bremia. We also offer varieties with registered resistance to Fusarium, a problem that many growers in South Africa face. Varieties like Icemaker and Ronodinla are known internationally for their resistance to Big Vein in winter and spring production. For all markets Our varieties serve all markets, from medium to large heads with superior wrap for the fresh produce markets. To flat-round heads for punnets or large heads with good internal quality for processing. For life Experienced growers will advocate the power of continued development and trialling the latest genetics to keep ahead of the pack. Such development exists based on trust and relationship. Assortment In this brochure, we present our current commercial leafy vegetable assortment with some new introductions. Feel free to contact your local representative for variety recommendations. We can help you select the best varieties for your needs! We look forward to working with you. The Enza Zaden team Enza Zaden | 3

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