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Hydroponic International 2019

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Butterhead Amica

Butterhead Amica Excellent performance on hydroponics, strong against tipburn and makes a good weight. Amica is very easy to clean. Barilla Barilla is a medium-to-dark green, thick leaved variety with a strong base and good volume. It is strong against internal tipburn. Brighton A fresh green variety with a fast filling head. It is very strong against tipburn and for many years a reliable variety. Casey A fresh medium green coloured Butterhead variety for hydroponic growing indoor long day season. The variety is fast growing with excellent weight. Strong Bremia Mucci Farms in Canada grows in total 2 acres of lettuce on Deep Water Hydroponics System. They grow about 16 cycles a year of Butterhead or Boston lettuce. “At Mucci Farms we sell mainly living lettuce: lettuce with the roots still attached. The roots give the lettuce a fresh and clean look. They also ensure a better shelf life,” says Herney Hernandez, grower at Mucci Farms. “Enza Zaden supports constantly in looking at new varieties for Hydroponic systems” package. Strong roots, performs well under extreme summer conditions. Espirando A medium to large sized Butterhead with a fresh look for glasshouse production. Reliable performance, strong on tipping and yellow leaf edge. The base is well closed for a nice presentation in packaging. Brighton Fairly The main hydroponic variety at Mucci Farms is Fairly, from Enza Zaden. “Fairly is a Butterhead variety that shows good and fast growth all year and has a good weight,” says Hernandez. “With the support of Enza Zaden we constantly look for new varieties for our growing system.” Herney Hernandez Mucci Farms, grower Canada Casey 8 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 9

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