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Hydroponic International 2019

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Herbs Emma Emma Our new

Herbs Emma Emma Our new pot basil with a dark Genovese leaf and an intermediate resistance against Downey Mildew. Keira A Marian type basil for pot production and processing. The improved cold tolerance and longer shelf life make it ideal for transport. Dolly A very uniform basil, large leaved and fast growing with high yield. Good performing under artificial lightning. Good for pesto production. Dill Ella Dark blue-green plants with a lot of leaf tips. Due to extra short hypocotyl this dill provides compact and very stable plants for pot production. It is also suited to harvest fresh bundles. Teddy Our new variety with many tips and a short hypocotyl. It comes with a fresh bright green colour and is ideal for bundles and pot production. Ella Variety name Cultivation Growing system Fresh Cut Pot Plant Ella v Teddy v v Growing system: = Open field = Indoor = Indoor with light = V.F. (Vertical Farming) | Organic seeds by Vitalis Teddy 40 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 41

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