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2 years ago

Hydroponic International 2019

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Batavia Aveleda Dark

Batavia Aveleda Dark green Batavia, fast growing, good bolting resistance, suitable for both fresh and processing market. Cardiga Cardiga has a balanced growth, even under low temperature conditions, with very strong root. Caipira Biritiba Light green colour Grand Rapids type, good curliness, good number of leaves, large cutting surface (about 3,5 cm when ready to be harvested, with at least 500 gram). Very fast growth. Bonaly Fresh green Batavia, that stays compact in the summer offering an attractive quality. High tolerance to ITB. E01F.30436 Darker Caipira with similar speed of growth. Attractive fresh green colour and good weight. Strong on bolting and ITB. Good Bremia resistance and head filling. Fanela Fanela is an open heading type, the leaves are fresh looking and bright green in colour. It is a very reliable variety and can be produced successfully throughout a large range of sowing dates. Caipira Performs excellent year round offering attractive fresh-green colour and a sweet taste. Stays compact in the summer with good leaf size and offers the Nasonovia resistance. High tolerance to ITB. Kiloma Fast and balanced growth. Sensitive to ITB when >500 gram head weight. Good roots, easy power of renewal roots. Kismy Fast growing variety with voluminious heavy heads. Dark green thick leaves. Very strong to tipburn. Maritima An upright growth habit combined with a shiny green leaf colour. E01F.30436 Pearl Gem High speed of growth and good volume. Light green frilled leaf type. Vaidosa Vaidosa is a fast, slightly large Batavia. Good roots, easy power of renewal roots when damaged by extreme conditions. Maritima 4 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 5