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2 years ago

Hydroponic International 2019

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Crispy Azirka Triple red

Crispy Azirka Triple red crunchy Lollo type. Very thick, crunchy and tasty leaf. The leaf is round shaped with a very good 3D-structure. Works well in trios. Crispenza Crispy variety with juicy leaf texture and full Bremia-resistance. Very fast growing with excellent yield potential. The variety is strong against tipburn and slow bolting, very suitable for glasshouse production and Vertical Farming. Crispinet A light green coloured, frilled ice lettuce with excellent sweet and crispy taste. Very strong against tipburn. Azirka Cristabel Frilled ice lettuce leaf type with dark green colour, very strong and thick leaf. Short core, more upright growth. High yielding. Reliable variety in various conditions. E01C.10991 A fast growing crispy variety, compact shape, strong against tipburn and bolting with good base. The variety has excellent taste, dark green colour and a crispy, juicy texture. Variety name Resistances Size Season Climate zone Growing system HR IR S M L C T W Tr Azirka Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/ TBSV LMV:1 v v Year round v v v Crispenza Bl:16-36/1-9US/Nr:0/TBSV v v Winter-spring-fall v Crispinet Bl:16-29,32,34,36EU/ 1-8US LMV:1 v v v Year round v v v v Cristabel Nr:0/TBSV v v v Year round v v v v E01C.10991 Bl-EU:16-27,29,32,34,36/ Bl-US:1-8/TBSV LMV:1 v v v Year round v v v v Size: S=Small M=Medium L=Large | Cllimate zone: C=Cool T=Temperate W=Warm Tr=Tropical Growing system: = Open field = Indoor = Indoor with light = V.F. (Vertical Farming) Cristabel HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see the table on page 47 of this brochure. Current information concerning the resistances is available on www.enzazaden.com. 26 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 27