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2 years ago

Hydroponic International 2019

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Romaine Little Gem

Romaine Little Gem Alborada Dark green heart Little Gem with very good shape, can be planted at high density. Aldea Very good shaped Little Gem, with excellent weight and a light green colour. Almadraba Almadraba has a good shape and size, nice closing top with slightly dark green colour. Good against internal tipburn in hot conditions. Coventry A sweet tasting, very short smooth leaved Little Gem. Lighter green colour. Excellent tipburn tolerance. Duende Duende is quite big, producing well-formed and tight attractive hearts. Duende grows well under different conditions giving a consistent product. Skye Hampole Dark green with good size and attractive yellow heart. Slim shape, so easy to trim and pack for nice display. Strong against tipburn. Skye Skye is a medium green coloured Little Gem. Produces very uniform size and shape with beautiful fill. Tregoney A compact Little Gem with a very nice shape and dark green colour. Westham Slightly savoyed dark green and shiny leaves. Strong on tipburn. Excellent yellow heart. Tregoney 20 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 21