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Hydroponic International 2019

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The benefits of

The benefits of hydroponic The demand for hydroponically grown leafy vegetables is increasing fast. All over the world growers and consumers are more and more interested in this way of growing vegetables and the consumption of them, especially leafy products and herbs. Enza Zaden is closely involved in the development of varieties that are suitable for this innovative, environmentally friendly method. Benefits There are many reasons why it is beneficial to grow products hydroponically. First, considerably less water, fertilizer and crop protection is used. Moreover, less pollution or leaking to the environment occurs. Hydroponics also means that soil born diseases and field conditions no longer influence production. For these reasons, hydroponic growing systems ensure a more controlled and uniform growth, resulting in a higher yielding product and better quality. Consumers prefer hydroponically grown vegetables because it is a cleaner product and, if sold with roots, it has a better shelf life. Vertical Farming Growing vegetables in a Vertical Farm (V.F.) is a recent development within leafy and herb production. In this system, plants grow hydroponically in different layers, under only artificial lighting and in a complete controlled atmosphere. This way of growing takes less space than the traditional way of growing. That’s why Vertical Farming is often located close to or in big cities. Table of contents Batavia 4 Butterhead 8 Mulitcolour Trio Lettuce 12 Lollo 13 Oakleaf 16 Little Gem 21 Mini-Romaine 23 Large Romaine 24 Crispy Lettuce 26 Iceberg 28 Eazyleaf® 30 Endive 36 Rucola 38 Herbs 39 Hydroponic lettuce guidelines 45 Contact persons 46 Resistances 47 Disclaimer 47 Explanation of used abbreviations 47 Peter Conijn, Senior Breeder Leafy Vegetable Breeding Enza Zaden product range In this brochure you’ll find our wide range of lettuce, endive and herbs varieties suited for hydroponic growing systems and/or Vertical Farming. If you have any special requirements or look for information about our products, please contact one of our sales representatives. Together we can create value for you and the future consumer in getting safe, nutritious and delicious leafy vegetables. The Enza Zaden hydroponic lettuce team 2 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 3

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