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2 years ago

Hydroponic International 2019

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Oakleaf Green Advisor

Oakleaf Green Advisor Compact green Oakleaf Eazyleaf®, suitable for processing. Amazing usable percentage for processing: 100% leaves are usable. Good bolting and ITB tolerance. Ardeor A compact upright green Oakleaf Eazyleaf® with light green leaf colour. Excellent resistance on tipburn, easy to harvest and nice presentation. Plezir A nice round shape, green Oakleaf. Flexible for various growing conditions. Avenir A voluminous green Oakleaf type with shiny colour. The shape is nice rounded and the base well-closed. Advisor Vizir Very uniform mid-green Oakleaf with healthy leaves, strong bottom and nice shape. Alzevir Very nice balanced and voluminous green Oakleaf. Good size but not too big in the summer. Very good against bolting and ITB. Strong Bremia-resistance. Figaro Compact and well filled Green Oakleaf. Divisor (E01C.11405) Green Oakleaf. Can be grown in winter-spring North-Europe. Good speed and strong on ITB in winter. Vizir 16 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 17