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2 years ago

Hydroponic International 2019

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Multicolour Trio Lettuce

Multicolour Trio Lettuce Multicolour Trio Lettuce is a mix of three different lettuce types, growing on one root ball. Enza Zaden offers trio lettuce varieties with fast growth, in a beautiful mix of red and green colours. Multicolour Trio Lettuce mix is easy to clean and has a strong flavour. It brings colour to your salad. Lollo Lollo Bionda Dabi New productive and well-filled Lollo Bionda with fine curled leaves. Strong against tipping. Can be used in trios. High uniformity and total yield. Jokary | Litska (E01C.10904) | Rosalyn (E01C.10950) Ilema Very nice, well-filled Lollo Verde type. Reliable variety, strong green colour and good leaf texture. High yield and good eating quality. Jokary Jokary is a quick growing variety with flexible leaves. The plant is compact and easy to pack, with an excellent presentation. Suitable for Multicolour Trio Lettuce. Jokary Keli (E01L.30526) Dark green very fine curled Bionda with a good top presentation, good weight and good bolting tolerance. High shelf life for smaller processed leaves. Vili Vili is a medium mid-green round Lollo with a nice curl, very good leaf retention and an upright base. E01C.10743 Green Lollo Bionda with round and voluminous shape for autumn, winter and spring production Northern Europe. Suitable for artificial light production. Keli (E01L.30526) 12 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 13