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Peppers (Capsicum

Peppers (Capsicum annuum) TSW: Sowing & planting: Plant density: Seed demand: Cutlivation: 6-8 g, 1 g = 120-160 seeds. Sowing from mid-February with about 14 days of germination at 22°C. Young plant cultivation at 18- 20°C and a duration of 10-12 weeks. 50 x 50 cm spacing, higher density for later plantings. 4 g/100 qm, 1 g of seeds for 70-100 plants or 250 seeds for about 200 plants. Plants need physical support for upright growth. Early removal of the first fruit, in order to avoid negative effects on plant development. Top Sellers & New Arrivals Tweety F1 Yellow cherry pepper with compact growth habit, therefore perfect for pot cultivation. The thick walled fruits of 2-3 cm size are ideal for stuffing. HR: Tm:0-2 Fruit shape: round Deniro F1 Yellow blocky pepper with compact growth habit and medium sized fruits. Early maturing with secure fruit setting, also under hot temperatures. HR: Tm:0-3 | IR: TMSV:0 Fruit shape: blocky Mirador F1 “Jumbo pepper” (Lamuyo type) Turns from green to dark red with maturity. HR: Tm:0-3 | IR: TMSV:0 Fruit shape: blocky Tweety F1 Mirador F1 Deniro F1 Enza Zaden | 17

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