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Tomatoes (Solanum

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) Weight ca. in g Shape Colour Description and resistance Classic round / Cluster Tomatoes Bocati F1 100-120 round red Sparta F1 100-110 round red Shirley F1 120-130 round red Cindel F1 130 round red Cluster tomatoes with fruits of excellent quality. Open growth habit, resistant to Powdery Mildew. HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1/For | IR: On | T: Si Proven standard variety with high yield and good taste. HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1 | IR: Ma/Mi/Mj Medium sized fruits with sweet taste. Open growth habit with good fruit setting. HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1 Very fast growing and early maturing variety for open field and greenhouse. Producing nice red fruits. HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1 Beef Tomatoes Dimerosa F1 Belle F1 180-220 Dimerosa F1 180-220 flat and round flat and round red pink Big beef tomato with firm, high quality fruits. HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1 Early maturing variety with pink internal colour. Very robust against fruit cracking. A real sweet and juicy delicacy. HR: ToMV:0-2/ToANV/Ff:A-E/Aal/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1 | IR: TSWV/TYLCV/Ss Rally F1 up to 500 flat and round red Very large beef tomato for open field and greenhouse. Good fruit setting also under hot conditions. HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1 | IR: TSWV/Ma/Mi/Mj Rootstock Estamino F1 Rootstock variety with good growth power for grafting tomatos and eggplants. Protects grafted crops from many disease. HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-2/For | IR: TSWV/Pl/Ma/Mi/Mj Available as organic seeds from Vitalis | Only available as organic seeds from Vitalis | HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | Variety information is based on our experiences from trial and agricultural production and offers no guarantee. Different climate, soil and cultivation circumstances must be taken into account. Belle F1 Sparta F1 10 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 11

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