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Herbs 2019 |2020

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Herbs growing 4.0 Herbs growing 4.0 Herbs growing 4.0 There are many different production systems for growing herbs. Classic production systems like in the open field, in pots or in ebb and flow systems experience more and more competition from modern hydroponic growing systems. Hydroponic production systems have many advantages compared to classic growing systems and hence, the demand for hydroponically grown herbs is increasing all around the globe. Hydroponic growing techniques or NFT (nutrient film techniques) cover a broad range of different systems. From production in gutter systems to vertical farming or aquaponics, there exists a lot of variation between and within growing techniques including the usage of different LED lighting systems. However, all of these systems have quite some important benefits in common; when cultivating in these systems the growing herbs require less fertilisers and water during production compared to the classic growing systems. The application of pesticides and fungicides can be significantly reduced, which makes these techniques very sustainable, environmentally friendly and results in a fresh, tasty and healthy product. Furthermore, the herbs can be produced year round with consistent quality and can be sold as living plants with roots included to elongate the shelf life of the product, which makes it very appealing for retailers and the consumer. Hydroponic production sites can be placed directly or close to the point of sale, which increases the freshness and reduces transport costs and the carbon footprint of the final product. Enza Zaden is looking closely at these systems and is active in the development of herb varieties that are ideally suited to these innovative cultivation methods. We are working intensively with our customers and together we have selected herb varieties that are suitable for both hydroponic production and vertical farming. By doing so, we want to ensure that the growers always have the best varieties for their production to satisfy customer demands. To learn more about our suitable herb varieties for NFT production or even salads, please contact your local contact person or check out our hydroponic brochure on our website. 8 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 9

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