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Herbs 2019 |2020

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Resistance Makes The

Resistance Makes The Difference Basil (Ocimum basilicum, Lamiaceae) Resistance Makes The Difference New generation herb varieties To attune our newest herb and rucola varieties to the wishes and demands of the market, the Enza Zaden breeders are always in close contact with our growers and other parties in the chain. This co-operation has lead to a new generation of herb varieties. A generation that covers new ideas and offers unique solutions to our customers. The focus of the breeding activities for this new generation was: • DM resistance in basil. • Fusarium resistance in basil. • DM resistance in parsley. • DM and Fusarium resistance in rucola. On top of that we started more and more to select on easy picking and fast harvesting selections. Now we can proudly present the outcome of this thriving program: • 3 basil varieties: Eleonora, Elidia and Emma. • 1 parsley variety: Peione. • 5 rucola varieties: Prudenzia F1, Jolizia, Bellezia, Anastazia and Letizia. Emma A Genovese type variety with an intermediate resistance against Downey Mildew. Recommended for pot and NFT production. Keira A Genovese type, suitable for pot production and also for fresh market. Medium sized, dark green leaves. Excellent shelf life. Cold tolerant, perfect for long shipments. All of them are already well tested at professional growers and controlled by official trial stations and universities. Their characteristics are unique and outstanding. On the following pages of this brochure you will find more information about this new generation of herb varieties and their characteristics. The label indicates which varieties belong to this new generation. Please contact your local contact person for receiving more information and advice. Elidia Genovese type with intermediate resistance against Fusarium. Compact growth. Ideal for pot production. Shiny dark green leaves. Late bolting. 4 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 5

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