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Rucola Shelf Life Rucola

Rucola Shelf Life Rucola Shelf Life Rucola Shelf Life Within the last few years, growers and wholesalers have faced new challenges. The food retail industry has set high standards in order to make food handling more efficient and profitable. Products need to be uniform, tasty, storable and available year round. Very often products have travelled hundreds of kilometers, before they are placed in the stores. Therefore, storability is one of the decisive varietal characteristics that has become more relevant to all stakeholders in the chain. Post-harvest researchers analyse these traits for different crops as a longer shelf life benefits everybody involved in the handling of the product. Store shelf quality increases consumer satisfaction, reduces profit loss and benefits the environment as it reduces food waste. At Enza Zaden, we started researching the causes of post-harvest shelf life quality of Rucola in 2013. Over the years, we have expanded our research activities within Europe and to the US and have tested our varieties for the specific requirements in processing like long transport routes and different storage conditions. By doing so, we have gained and collected a lot of knowledge and data about the shelf life behavior of Rucola by now. One of the key results from our post-harvest research activities for Rucola is that varieties with dark green colour, finely serrated thick leaf and resistance to downy mildew strongly correlate with an extended shelf life compared to varieties that do not possess these traits. Regardless of the different post-harvest treatments in different countries, our varieties “Bellezia”, “Jolizia” and “Anastazia” have shown the best shelf life results in trials conducted in several successive years and “Letizia” has shown an improved shelf life compared to other standard and competitor varieties. We have incorporated these findings into the selection criteria of our rucola breeding activities and can already offer a diverse assortment of new Rucola generations with improved shelf life characteristics. To learn more about our rucola assortment contact your local contact person for further information. 16 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 17

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