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Herbs 2019 |2020

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Parsley (Petroselinum

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) Biennal, height 30 cm Sowing: March/April or July/August, for pots under glass all year round. Seed amount: Direct 60-80 g/100 m², for press-pots 6 g/1.000 press-pots, for pots 20 g/1.000 pots. Cultivation: Only direct sowing for industrial growing. For fresh market growing sow in peat blocks in January (4-5 seeds/peat-block), plant in March and protect with plastic sheeting or Agryl-webbing until end of April. Sow in August in peat blocks for planting at end of September under glass, harvest in winter. Keep moist at all times during germination to optimise emergence. Space rows 20-30 cm apart. Plant about 10 cm apart in row. Nutrients required per 100 m²: 1,2 Kg N - 0,4 Kg P - 1,7 Kg K. For second and third cut apply again. Harvesting: Three cuts possible in industrial growing. To achieve a dark green product with aroma it is necessary to dry at 90°C directly after cutting. The stems should be removed after drying. Use: Fresh or dried in a lot of dishes. Orfeo Variety Cultivation Description Fresh cut Processing Pot plant NFT Katinka (E11P.2008) | New x x x x Our new Moss curled parsley variety. It provides a high yield and a good shelf life. Ideal for industry, bundles and pot production. Also suitable for NFT. Orfeo x x x x Wega x x x x Argon x x x Gigante d’Italia x x x Peione x x x New Paramount selection. Very homogen, high dry matter. Ideal for export and for longer storage. Moss curled parsley with dark green upright leaves and of perfect homogeneity. Very good shelf life. For outdoor and for pots, fresh market and processing. Improved plain leafed Commun-type. Very productive. Upright growth with dark green leaves and very aromatic taste. Strong against Downey Mildew. Suitable for pot production, fresh market and industry. A plain-leaved, very aromatic variety with high yielding. Can go to seed after the 2nd-3rd cut if growing conditions are bad. Perfect new Gigante d’Italia type with high homogeneity, dark green colour and bigger leaves than the standard. Heavy yield. Both for fresh market and processing. Intermediate resistance to Downey Mildew. (x): Limited suitability | NFT: nutrient film technique | Organic seeds by Vitalis | New generations of herb varieties with excellent resistance. | Variety information is based on our experiences from trial and agricultural production and offers no guarantee. Different climate, soil and cultivation circumstances must be taken into account. Availability of varieties may be limited in your country, please contact your local contact person for further information. 14 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 15

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