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Orginale (E20B.0261) Planting It is important that the roots in the growing substrate develop smoothly and steadily. The contact between the substrate and the block must remain moist and the temperature of the substrate must be sufficiently high. First setting Orginale is a variety that is fairly easy to establish. It is important not to over set the plant too early or too heavily. This variety has the tendency to put much of its energy in the fruit and can therefore become weak. Depending on plant and rooting stage, the first set on the second internode will be sufficient. During the period up to the harvest of the first set, plant development in terms of length is comparable to other standard varieties in the orange pepper market. Orginale is particularly strong in fruit shape throughout the whole season. Under humid conditions this variety can develop a slightly longer peduncle (fruit stem). It is very important to prevent undue root pressure. The strong root may start to force fruit to separate from the stem and under severe conditions cause fruit to fall. Avoid periods of inactivity and excessive watering. When too many side shoot flowers are left, there is a chance that a large percentage of fruit will set. These sets are usually good shape and quality, but could develop to be a slightly smaller fruit. Shading Given the leaf cover of Orginale, a grower can choose not to “shade” the roof in the summer period against irradiation. However, this will depend on the crop position of the individual grower and the orientation of the greenhouse relative to the sun. If necessary, the grower can protect the fruit with the screen in times of extreme radiation and heat, paying close attention to humidity increase. Water In terms of watering, the grower is wise to fine-tune to the needs of the crop. There is a good chance that the need for water (especially in the summer) is greater than the grower is used to with other main varieties. This is because of the leaf mass and the fact that the fruits are heavier and growing faster. Pay attention to the EC in the substrate and ensure that it does not increase on a weekly basis. In terms of feed composition, no special requirements of Orginale are known. Light and temperature The first and second sets are relatively easy to take hold. Do not go unnecessarily low in (night) temperatures as this will reduce the speed of the fruit ripening. In case of poor light levels, a cooler temperature (not excessively cold) should be used for night temperatures. In the spring, nights are often very cold with a lot of activity. The grower should work with the screens in the night to protect the plant and fruit against this type of influence. This may also help against the development of shrink cracks on the fruit in April/May. Summer production During the summer period, Orginale will make shorter internodes, but will keep power and leaf growth in the head. This variety is relatively strong against blossom end rot and pitting and has a considerable fruit weight compared with other varieties.

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