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Grower information Maureno 2019

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Maureno (E20B.0246) Planting Ensure the growing substrate is sufficiently warm to stimulate root development. The growing substrate should be charged with a relatively low EC to create easy growth. Temperature After planting, do not set heating temperature too high during the night. Keep the temperature relatively close to daytime temperatures. Maureno is an easy-setting variety. However, the night temperature may be reduced to assist setting during dark weather, but only for the first set. Once the fruit is approximately 0.5-1 inch in diameter, the temperature should be increased. We advise increasing temperatures soon after planting during day and night, depending on root development. Maureno is not susceptible to slow vegetative flowers, and therefore is not sensitive to “Inner Rot”. In a two stem growing system, discard the first fruit on the first node to allow suitable root to plant balance. After the first set, increase night temperatures in order to make sufficient speed in the plant and prevent a vegetative direction in the plant. In darker weather periods, it is best to lower temperatures accordingly. With ample light levels, a slightly warmer night temperature is possible. Maureno will balance during the growth of the second and third set. Summer production Maureno easily maintains growth in the summer and will not become too generative. The variety is relatively strong against blossom end rot compared to other varieties. Airing During periods of high temperatures for day and night, it is important to reduce the amount of inactivity in the plant. This can usually be done in the morning by quickly airing, both lee and wind side, while maintaining temperature and moisture in the greenhouse.

Try to ensure sufficient moisture remains in the greenhouse. This may be prevented by reducing the use of the wind side venting. Any excessively harsh climate can make the plant overly generative and the plant load too heavy, resulting in the loss of fruit weight. Temperature In the afternoon, air temperature can be increased slightly to convert assimilates within the plant. However, with this variety it is not necessary to extend temperatures to the end of the afternoon to ‘burn off’ excessive power. Targeting warmer temperatures is ideal but higher is not necessary. With cool evenings and nights in the early summer, growth can be achieved with a relatively fast and short pre-night. This will allow the ability to maintain sufficient fruit weight with an increasing plant load. Water Tests have shown that Maureno requires a relatively large amount of water compared to other varieties. A good indication for too little water is an increasing growing media EC. Too little water and an increasing EC will increase the chance of blossom end rot. Pruning Pruning is also important in the summer. Prune preferably on one leaf and where possible to only allow fruit on the main stem (unless setting is or has been an issue). This will prevent the plant load from rising too high and thereby reducing the fruit weight. High final production Once the variety is into production it will continue in a balanced direction until the end of season. Even in relatively dark weather in August, the variety continues to be generative without becoming vegetative and therefore achieves a high final production.

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