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Cucumber Scandinavia Summer Autumn 2022

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Mini-komkommers Katrina

Mini-komkommers Katrina An old favourite with a great flavour • Most popular variety in the 110-130 g segment • Crunchy and sweet • Open, slowly growing generative crop • Intermediate resistance to CGMMV • High resistance to mildew Katrina is a mini cucumber for traditional cultivation that can be grown throughout the whole season. It can be planted from February through to mid-August. At 110-130 g (length 16-18 cm), it is a slightly larger mini. Quality and flavour are the most important characteristics of this variety. The fruits are crunchy and deliciously sweet. The variety is highly resistant to mildew and also has intermediate resistance to CGMMV. The plant produces several fruits per axil and the vines have a controlled growth. We therefore recommend twisting the top over the wire. Analisa Suitable for traditional and high-wire cultivation • Open, generative crop • Intermediate resistance to CGMMV • High resistance to mildew • Fruits weigh between 90 and 110 g. Analisa is an open, generative crop that produces an average of two fruits per axil. The variety has been tried and tested in practice in both high-wire and traditional systems. It is a heavy producer and plants are easy to handle. The fruit quality is highly consistent with an attractive colour. Fruit weight is between 90 and 110 g, so slightly lower than Katrina. The fruits are also a little shorter (13-15 cm). Analisa’s mildew and CGMMV resistance makes it an extremely complete variety. Plant from the end of January to mid-August. Enza Zaden | 7

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