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Chives 2021


Chives E12C.5005 | Our new chive variety for forcing and pot production. Very uniform, dark green and high yielding, The variety retracts fast in the soil in the winter period and stays stable after harvesting of the bulbs, resultig a reduction of brown tips in forcing. Nelly | A fine to medium thick shafted chive variety with a very dark blue-green colour. Very vigorous and upright growing. Strong against diseases and thrips spots on leaves. For fresh market and industry purposes. Nelly Naomy | Medium to thick shafted, dark green chive with a high resistance against brown tips and a very rapid growth. The variety is very suitable as a bundle product for the fresh market and loose for the processing industry (elongated shelf life). Due to the strong root system and growing power soil structure influence is relatively low. Reliable variety for winter production in southern hemisphere/countries. Perennial, height 30 cm Staro Staro | Extra thick leaved and dark green variety for all growing purposes, forcing, pot growing and fresh cut. Biggy | A new thick shafted variety with dark blue-green leaf colour. Upright plant habit. Excellent for fresh market, forcing and industry. Kobold | Enza Zaden selection of Chinese chive. Sowing: : Seed amount: Cultivation: Cultivation: Harvesting: Direct outdoors in March for cropping in summer, or sow in August for cropping in April in the following year. For forcing chives sow in February under glass Direct 120-150 g/100 m², for seedlings 20-30 g/1.000 plants (20-30 seeds per press-pot), for pot growing 40 g/1.000 plants. For direct sowing and planting, space rows 30-40 cm apart. For forcing, plant the propagated plants 30x25 cm apart in April. Interruptions in growing or cropping may disturb the root development, putting the success of the winter-forcing crop at risk. The roots are harvested, cleaned and stored in autumn when the nutrients have been transferred to the roots and the leaves have died. Before forcing, the winter dormancy must be broken, either by drying at 35°C for 10-12 days or by a warm water bath treatment at 42°C directly before forcing. For early forcing in autumn a one week cold storage at 2°C increases the rate of success. During forcing (temperature 18-20°C) the roots are either packed in boxes and cut for bundles after about 14 days, or the roots are packed in 9-10 cm plastic pots, and after 14 days forcing sold in the pot. Cultivation in Pots and NFT is possible all year round. Leaves mut be kept as dry as possible to prevend DM infections In the second year 3-4 cuts are possible Kobold New variety | Fresh Cut | Processing | Pot production | NFT Organic seeds by Vitalis | Enza Zaden | 3 2 | Enza Zaden

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