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Catalogue USA 2020

Onion Short day - Yellow

Onion Short day - Yellow Francesca F1 Francesca is a mid to late short day variety with tolerance to pink root rot and strong tops. The exceptional bulb firmness makes this variety suited for mechanical harvest. Bulbs are approximately 3 in. (75 mm), globe-shaped and uniform. Gabriella F1 The uniform bulbs of Gabriella have a mild to sweet flavor and an attractive globe shape. For fresh market and short term storage. Madalyn F1 Madalyn is an early-to-mid short day onion. It produces globe-shaped, bronze-colored bulbs of 2.4-4.3 in. (60-110 mm). Francesca Samurai F1 Samurai is a mid-short day variety with medium to large size 2.8-4.3 in. (70-110 mm). Single centers and good skin retention. Early intermediate – Yellow Canarana F1 Canarana offers a strong foliage cover and a strong root system. Recommended for California and Northern Texas. Gabriella Intermediate – Yellow Elsye F1 (E61D.10106) | new Elsye is a mid-maturing intermediate yellow onion with excellent sizing potential. Elsye’s strong vigor and bolting tolerances makes Elsye a prime choice for growers looking for an excellent yielding, processor friendly onion that works well in the fresh market. As a bonus, Elsye’s mild flavor profile would allow it to be packed as a sweet onion, adding to Elsye’s marketing flexibility. Elsye onion field Elsye 42 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 43

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