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Field Days Our goal in

Field Days Our goal in the leafy market is to help create competitive advantage for growers through healthy, resistant, high-yielding, attractive, long-lasting and ultimately flavorful varieties. Enza Zaden hosted a three-day long field day event at their San Juan Bautista Research Station, June 11-13, 2019 highlighting their leafy greens varietal assortment of arugula, spinach, baby and whole head lettuce, and endive. Visitors and the Enza Zaden team also discussed leafy greens trends and innovations in the marketplace. Over 100 growers, shippers and dealers attended the event. With 13 crops, 27 new varieties and over 70 commercial varieties available for viewing, all benefited from seeing the full picture of what Enza Zaden offers and offered a platform to discuss custom programs depending upon customer needs. Spinach resistance to Bremia 1-17 We made a lot of progress with our spinach breeding program and have put Enza Zaden back on the map as a spinach breeding company. Around three years ago we tightened the breeding objectives to stack and broaden resistant genes and to create fully resistant varieties. We actively focus on resistance breeding by selecting and crossing specific genetic characteristics that make the plants resistant to all known Peronospora races. Growers, especially organic growers, demand a high percentage of marketable products and year-round homogeneous, reliable production. This focus on genetic resistance has had the desired effect; in 2020, Enza Zaden will launch three new spinach varieties resistant to Peronospora races 1-17. Little Gems are really hot right now “Some of our highlights of the day are seeing the breadth of Enza Zaden’s endive program, as well as the developments in the lettuce assortment,” shared one visitor. Customers really like the one-cut and mini-head lettuces and see them as an upgraded product. There is a trend moving toward more little gems, mini-romaines and growers wanting to match red and green varieties for head size, speed of growth, leaf-shape and the overall need for more disease resistance for organic. Little gems are really hot right now! Stay tuned for more innovative ‘leafies’ from Enza Zaden. 30 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 31

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