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Catalogue USA 2020

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Index Small seed, big impact A lightbulb has gone off • An expanded zucchini program offering a broad assortment of Editorial 3 Introducing 2020 new varieties 4 Resistances 68 Disclaimer 69 Products Arugula 29 Broccoli 38 Cauliflower 39 Cucumber 64 Eggplant 57 Endive 28 Fennel 40 Herbs 32 Leek 44 Lettuce 6 Melon 49 Onion 41 Pepper 50 Pumpkin 47 Radish 45 Rootstock 66 Spinach 36 Squash 46 Tomato 58 Watermelon 48 In this catalogue, the varieties also available as organic seeds are marked In recent years, food trends have significantly increased the consumer appetite for transparency, sustainability and, most audibly, ‘local’. Contributing factors include concern about the carbon footprint of long transport, use of pesticides to manage disease pressure, the consumer-born cost of shrink, seasonal variance in quality and availability, and produce recalls raising concerns about food safety. Today’s consumers wish to fill their carts with more locally grown produce, with more certainty of freshness, more flavor and more support for their own geographic community. This powerful shift has put in motion a total reimagining of North American produce production. Stakeholders are increasingly aware of the link between consistency and stable outcomes. It’s like a lightbulb has gone off - indoor and outdoor growers are now keen to expand production to meet the consumer demand, retailers are now keen to explore innovative concepts with green, yellow and grey varieties, featuring Cash Machine, our new medium green variety, best adapted to East Coast growing conditions • The most innovative breeding and diversity of assortment in culinary herbs, including basil, dill, chives and parsley, featuring basil Keira bred for improved shelf-life and postharvest tolerance to cold temperatures • Select new semi-determinate open field tomato varieties including Winterhaven, Summerhaven and SunFresh tomatoes, all with excellent adaptability to the Southeast region • New innovations of traditional types featuring outstanding agronomic performance and excellent flavor, including Striped eggplant Annina, Marmande tomato Marsalato, and Tuscan melon Iperione • Ten hydroponic leafy varieties specifically selected for the fastgrowing indoor farming industry, including Cristabel, a frilled ice lettuce with strong texture vegetable breeding companies, and investors are now keen to enhance operational efficiencies and add new products. Pushing each other to adapt and to innovate We work with our growers in a true partnership, pushing each Innovative Concept Dedicated breeding programs are fundamental Technology stakeholders, led by widespread consumer demand for local produce, are setting an aggressive and inspiring pace for dedicated seed breeding and operational innovation that’s never been seen before in the fresh food industry. We’re excited to be part of this exciting, entrepreneurial chapter in fresh and healthy other to adapt and to innovate, and to do it quickly. For most ag innovations, seed genetics are critical to achieving desired outcomes. Seed developed specifically for indoor farming, outdoor resistances, flavor, and mechanical harvest, will play a significant role in shaping the next phase of the fresh produce industry growth. Hydroponic Eazyleaf see page 11 food production. Seed that’s bred specifically for professional growers is critical to achieving desired outcomes in the highstakes operation of today’s agriculture. About us Enza Zaden is a global leader in vegetable breeding, with operations in 21 countries, and US research stations in San Juan New varieties introduced in 2020 include: • The trio of fully resistant spinach varieties: Trailboss, Tacoma and Crosstrek • The broadest assortment of certified organic babyleaf, arugula, lettuce and spinach • The most diverse variety assortment of lettuces by type, with the most advanced resistance packages, now including several Bautista, CA and Myakka City, FL. The company is a well-known leader in leafy greens and offers top programs in more than 30 other vegetables and culinary herbs. Enza Zaden North America produces more than 300 varieties which are regionally adapted through local selections. Our research teams work in collaboration with hundreds of growers across North America to select varieties that meet the needs of diverse agro-ecological climatic conditions. new Eazyleaf one-cuts including Burgandy, Molokai and Rhone Sincerely, Jean-Francois Thomin, Marketing Manager Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 3

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