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Brochure Romaine Australia 2021


Romaine Mini Green Mini Red Elf | STANDARD • Fresh green, upright mini-Cos for head production. Moonred | STANDARD • Dark red, glossy mini-Cos. • Slightly blistered leaf and great uniformity. • Good bolting resistance with tight compact heads. • Can be processed or marketed as whole heads. • A true benchmark variety in its class. • Shiny dark red colour in good contrast to the fresh greenheart. • Upright growth and good shape. Elf Xaroma • Tall dark green, glossy mini-Cos. • Upright, fast closing to form firm hearts for the bag market. • Good size and weight for cool season production and low core in warm season. Ovired • Good contrast of shiny red to green foliage. • Balanced filling and plant structure. • Good processability and shelf life. Moonred Xaroma Xisca • Mid-green smooth leaf mini-Cos. • Suitable for winter and cool season production. • Upright, vigorous and fast closing for good shape. Xiomara • Mid sized dark green mini-Cos. • Good resistance, with nice heart and weight. • Shoulder season production, good resistance to bolting. • Suitable for open field or hydroponics. Xolani • Dark green and compact mini-Cos. • Slow filling, strong against internal tipburn and bolting. • Warm season production. • Upright growth and good shape. Little Gem Alborada | STANDARD • Dark green Little Gem. • Westham type with better resistance. • Can also be planted at high density. • Shoulder season production. Alcazaba | • Darker green, glossy Little Gem. • Good shape and size. • Good hearts, with good weight. • Winter and cool season production. • Suitable for open field or hydroponics. Almadraba | • Mid-green Little Gem. Alcazaba • Nice upright habit, good filling and nice weight. • Excellent shape, sure heading. • Warm season production. • Suitable for open field or hydroponics. Xiomara Almadraba 6 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 7

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