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Basil (Ocimum basilicum,

Basil (Ocimum basilicum, Lamiaceae) Variety Cultivation Description Annual, height 20-40 cm Emma | new (E09B.9017) Edwina Eowyn Fresh cut Processing Pot plant Elidia x x x x x NFT Our new pot basil with a dark Genovese leaf and an intermediate resistance against Downey Mildew. Reliable variety in the Genovese type for a year round pot production. Also under low light conditions this variety produces shiny dark green leaves and a very uniform plant horizon in the pots. Very strong and compact basil variety in the Genovese type for pot cultivation. The brilliant dark green colour and the compact plant type makes Eowyn unique. Improved shelf life. Genovese type with intermediate resistance against Fusarium. Compact growth, ideal for pot production. Marian x x Compact pot basil very stable and errect tolerant against Downey Mildew. Emily x x x x Very compact pot basil variety. Genovese type with medium large leaves. Emily is recommended for summer production in more balanced climates, all year round in hot climates or production under high light intensity. The elongated shelf life of Emily enables an extended transport phase. Very suitable for artifical lights. Tsw: 1,1-1,7 g | Seed count per 10 g = 6.000-9.000 seeds. Sowing: From mid May outdoor or under protected cultivation the whole year round. Light germinator, tender. Seed amount: Direct sowing 50 g/100 m², in seedbed 3 g/1.000 plants, pot growing 20 g/1.000 pots. Cultivation: Spacing for pots 20-25x25 cm; outdoor growing in rows 20 cm apart and 30-40 cm between the rows. Basil is quite tender and susceptible to smothering through weeds. To ensure a good harvest therefore it is recommended to use plastic sheeting as a mulch. Also Acryl-webbing for cold protection is advisable. Planting out young plants is an advantage and gives a better start to the crop. Harvesting: For the fresh market cut the young shoots into bundles. For industrial use the first cut should be done when flowering begins. The cut should not be too low (ca. 10 cm) to encourage a second growth. Basil is very sensitive to pressure and should be carefully dried at a temperature of 40°C immediately after harvest. Use: In salads, soups, vegetables, meat and tomato dishes and also raw. Rosie Keira x x x x Dolly x x (x) (x) Eleonora x x (x) Genoveser x x New Marian type for pot production and processing with excellent shelf life. Cold tolerant. Very uniform, large leaved and fast growing variety with improved tolerance against low temperatures. Recommended for open field production. Basil with intermediate resistance against Downey Mildew. Big, light serrated leaves. For open field and pot production. Shiny, dark green, spoon shaped leaves. High yielding. Special Genovese selection for industry. Lemon sel. Lemona x x Fine leaved, quick growing, with a definite lemon flavour. Piccolino x (x) Rosie x x x Very compact growing basil with a strong aroma, ideal for pot growing and original pesto. Red variety with intense dark red colour. Compact and upright growth on robust stems. (x): Limited suitability | NFT: nutrient film technique | Organic seeds by Vitalis | New generations of herb varieties with excellent resistance or other specific added value like shelf life or cold-tolerance. | Variety information is based on our experiences from trial and agricultural production and offers no guarantee. Different climate, soil and cultivation circumstances must be taken into account. 8 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 9

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