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Brochure Eazyleaf Australia 2021

Eazyleaf Green Wildebeast | STANDARD • High yielding, large mid to dark green coral. • Serrated, spikey leaves with a rounded tip. • Fine attachment with nice crisp texture. • Standard in southern state production areas with added Eazyleaf one-cut benefit. • Pairs well with Rhone and has excellent taste. • Good size during winter production. Ezatrix • Compact green Oakleaf type. • Considered a ‘true Italian oak’ – a unique line in Australia. • Compact yet open plant habit. • High percentage pack-out. • Well-suited for use in hydroponic systems due to its compactness. Budgee | • Compact green Cos/Butter type, perfect for salad mix. Wildebeast Skilton Skilton • High yielding, compact green Eazyleaf. • Leaves are deeply incised and have a coral shape. • Small cutting surface keeps leaves fresh for longer. • Very nice crisp texture and excellent taste. • Similar to Wildebeast, but excellent summer production in southern states and all year in Queensland. Eztron • Green Eazyleaf with very narrow leaf attachment. • Forms voluminous heads. • For year-round production. • Excellent processing variety with extended shelf life. Bushmaster • Green Eazyleaf with large volume. • Eztron with even finer serration. • Good size for all year production. • Strong against frost and high tolerance against anthracnose. • Many leaves of the same size. • Nice fresh and shiny colour. • For cool and shoulder season production. Alvier | • Large mid-green Oakleaf with smaller lobes. • High yielding, but compact upright growth habit. • Nice fresh and shiny colour. • Excellent uniformity. • Perfect for year-round production in both open field and hydroponics. Alzevir • Large green Oakleaf type. • Slow bolting and good tipburn tolerance. • Attractive fresh colour with nice gloss and 3D shape. • Suitable for year-round production both open field and hydroponics. Ezell Budgee Ezell | • Mid-green fine lobed green coral. • Fine attachment and leaves are the perfect size for the processing market. • Good volume and high leaf count with nice 3D shape. Eztron Alvier 6 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 7

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