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Brochure Cucumber 2020 | 2021

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Dear Grower,

Dear Grower, Conventional cultivation - Northwest Europe This document provides information about Enza Zaden cucumber varieties for the 2020/2021 growing season. It shows at a glance the resistances of our varieties, the regions they are intended for, the best moment for sowing and the varieties main characteristics. All the information in just one document, allowing you to start the new season well-prepared. The first table shows details for conventional cultivation systems in Northwest Europe, followed by a table for high wire cultivation. Variety Resistances Region and cultivation HR IR Lucania Cca/Ccu Px Early spring NL, UK, Germany, Scandinavia Diobla Cca/Ccu Px Scandinavia Sowing period December, January December, January, February Crop characteristics Lucania is a strong crop. It requires generative steering, especially on sunny days. It has early and heavy fruit. Diobla is a variety for early planting. It has an open plant type. The variety keeps continuous growth but stays more open compared to standard varieties. The fruit quality is always good with consistent size and strong colour. Santiago (E23L.2352) Cca/Ccu Px Early spring, Scandinavia, NL and UK December, January E23L.2352 is a new variety for traditional crops for planting in January. The variety has rapid growth and smooth green colour throughout the entire season. It comes back sooner than other varieties which results in a solid balance between growth, fruit setting and production. E23L.2352 requires a generative cultivation regime to promote selectivity and openness of the crop and provides intermediate resistance against powdery mildew. It also has a degree of CGMMV virus resistance. Sumapol Ccu/Px NL, UK, Scandinavia and Northern France March to early July Sumapol is an open compact crop with a smaller leaf with good fruit and crop colour and rapid shoot growth. These external characteristics go hand-in-hand with unique genetic properties, because the variety has a high degree of powdery mildew resistance and is genetically strongly resistant to Mycosphaerella. Kurios Cca/Ccu Summer/autumn NL, Scandinavia and UK April - July Kurios is a vigorous crop, highly productive and is sufficiently selective. It requires active steering and focus on stimulating evaporation. Torreon Cca/Ccu Px Scandinavia February Kostas Cca/Ccu Scandinavia February Torreon is a vegetative variety. Although it sets easily it is recommended to keep the crop generative. Especially when the laterals are developing or when a big number of fruits are harvested. The best result is achieved by growers with a generative crop regime. Kostas is generative but has a vigorous plant type. The plant will consequently continue to grow and set fruit. It also has high resistance against head scorch and tolerates growing conditions under double screen in the initial stage of its development. Fruit is well-filled and of high quality. Galaxy Cca/Ccu/ Px Summer Germany and France April, May, June Galaxy has a vigorous crop that flourishes best in good light. It has a low sensitivity to heat stress. 2 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 3