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8 | Enza Zaden Three

8 | Enza Zaden Three generations Mazereeuw: Piet en Jaap with on the background a painting of the founder of Enza Zaden, Jacob Mazereeuw.

the power of vegetable breeding History, present and future An entrepreneurial spirit and innovation have been the driving forces behind Enza Zaden’s rich history. So much is already evident from the strong determination with which Jacob Mazereeuw established De Enkhuizer Zaadwinkel (‘The Seed Shop of [the Dutch town of] Enkhuizen’) back in 1938, and from the great success he achieved in selling his products. It is also evident from the smart move his son Piet made in 1959. In that year Piet decided to expand the company’s activities to include the breeding of vegetable varieties in order to obtain products that would better meet the requirements of growers and the market. In 2011 Jacob’s grandson Jaap became the third member of the Mazereeuw family in line to join Enza Zaden’s management team and assume responsibility for the company’s management. Expansion The breeding activities gave Enza Zaden a strong new impetus. The company steadily expanded its range of crops and varieties. And also the number of branches outside the Netherlands: many research stations, commercial branches and production stations have been established over the years, and we intend to continue to expand in the future. Growth and innovation Today, in 2013, Enza Zaden is an international company that is active in more than ninety countries. A company with many years of experience and expertise in the field of traditional breeding. And in the field of innovation we support our breeders with highly advanced technology. This way we speed up the breeding process, enabling us to quickly respond to changing market needs and demands. Our enthusiastic employees help us achieve our aims with great passion and commitment. Employees of more than forty nationalities work closely together all over the world in developing, producing and selling healthy vegetable varieties. Enza Zaden | 9

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