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78 | Enza

78 | Enza Zaden

Rootstock Tomato Estamino Estamino has homogeneous and fast germination up to 95% in one week after sowing. High percentage of graftable plants. Provides strong but generative, always well-balanced plants with a good endurance. Higher yield due to 1-2 flowers more per truss. Both for heated and nonheated crops. Resistances HR: ToMV/Ff:A-E/Va/Vd/Fol:0-2/For | IR: TSWV/Pl/Ma/Mi/Mj Fortamino (E 28.34679) New Rootstock especially developed for non-heated cultivations, works well on a variety of substrates. Strong root system gives strong vigour to the plants on the early stage, providing very good leaf cover and excellent recovery after stress conditions period. Grafting on Fortamino also has a positive effect on the number of flowers per truss and higher average fruit weight. Resistances HR: ToMV/Ff:A-E/Va/Vd/Fol:0-2/For | IR: TSWV/Pl/Ma/Mi/Mj Fortamino E 28.33465 New vigorous tomato rootstock enhancing plant endurance and cold tolerance. E 28.33465 is compatible with all types of tomato and works best for non-heated soil crops. Plants stay nicely open and easy to work in. Special feature is resistance to Corky Root (Pyrenocheata lycopersici). In long over-winter crops plants grafted on E 28.33465 appeare to deal with low soil temperatures easier. Resistances HR: ToMV/Va/Vd/Fol:0,1/For | IR: TSWV/Pl/Ma/Mi/Mj Pepper Scarface Scarface is Enza Zaden's new vigorous Rootstock for all pepper types. Enhances the yield and fruit-quality in protected and open field pepper crops. Scarface also gives protection against Nematode infection. Resistances HR: Tm:0 | IR: Ma/Mi/Mj Scarface Cucurbits Flexifort Cucurbits rootstock for melon, watermelon and cucumber. Flexifort combines extra vigour with balance and generativity. Uniform germination, easy grafting and good compatibility. Stronger root system results in salinity tolerance and overall better plant endurance. Enhances taste and vigour when grafted under melon. Resistances HR: Fom:0,1,2,1-2/Foc/Fon:0,1/Forc Flexifort Enza Zaden | 79

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