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the power of vegetable

the power of vegetable breeding Board of Directors: Hein Bemelmans, Joep Lambalk, Vincent van Bentum, Luuk van der Pal en Jaap Mazereeuw. 6 | Enza Zaden

A strong and healthy family company Enza Zaden is a Dutch breeding company that develops innovative vegetable varieties in a sound manner. We grow and sell the seeds of those varieties worldwide. Our breeding efforts focus on more than twenty vegetable varieties, the most important of which are tomato, sweet pepper, lettuce, cucumber, onion and melon. Our vegetables are bought and consumed all over the world. And they are greatly appreciated by growers, traders and consumers alike. We are an independent family company. As an independent company we focus on continuity in the long term and healthy growth. Those two factors are essential for enabling us to focus on our greatest strengths: developing and supplying high quality vegetable varieties and seeds. Many years of experience and of investments in people, breeding and innovation have laid the basis for a strong, healthy company. Enza Zaden | 7

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