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Cucumber In the pickling

Cucumber In the pickling market, we respond to diversified consumer demands for both fresh-packed and processed pickles. The long shelf life of our gherkins is an added value for the entire chain. All Enza Zaden hybrids have also an extended disease resistance package. Our pickling programme is very successful in Eastern Europe, because it has been developed in cooperation with local growers. This enables us to respond better to the grower needs. For many years now we have been breeding successfully in mini cucumbers for the Middle Eastern markets. Variety selection is based on yield, quality and above all adaptability to long growing seasons and the different climate zones and weather patterns. A successful variety is often one that can be used in many different types of crops. Such famous names as ‘Melen’, our long lasting spring and autumn mini cucumber, and ‘Fadia’ which is used more in the spring and early summer are two of the household names. Long European cucumbers are eaten in almost all major developed markets around the world. The Enza Zaden breeding programmes are focused on creating high yielding varieties with better disease resistance. Parthenocarpic American Slicer cucumber types are popular in Italy, Spain, North America and Mexico, where they are more and more grown under protected conditions to increase yield potential and quality for export. Denis Fokin Local Dealer Russia 66 | Enza Zaden

Cucumber Long European type - Heated greenhouse Alexios Alexios is a new hybrid recommended for summer and autumn production in heated greenhouses. The plant habit is quite open and very labour friendly, fruits set easily and the plant retains them well. Alexios is a very productive variety. The fruits are averagely 29-33 cms in length with very few extra long fruits produced. Alexios stays in balance even under difficult fluctuating weather conditions and keeps its strong healthy green colour throughout the growing period. Imea Imea is particularly recommended for production in artificial light crops and becomes a standard in many Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The plant guarantees a constant production thanks to a unique non-abortion character and keeps on growing with its head up, an important requirement for all high-wire crops. The fruits are very straight and uniform and averagely 31-36 cm in length, very suitable for all types of market requirements. Imea is an extremely productive variety, shown to outyield many of its competitors. Toploader Toploader is recommended for cultivation in high-wire crops and can grow year-round with artificial lights. The plant remains very well in balance due to the excellent vigour combined with its ability not to abort fruits. The leaves remain green and healthy for long periods, very little chlorosis occurs. The fruits are straight and very uniform throughout the whole production cycle. The fruits are averagely 30-35 cm in length, have an attractive dark green colour and an excellent shelf life. Topkick Topkick is specially bred and selected for production in high-wire crops. It is one of the best varieties you can choose for these types of crops. The plant growth is very steady and fruits set well and regularly throughout the whole crop. Topkick is a very reliable variety for spring crops when the light is steadily increasing, summer crops (even during hot periods) and autumn crops when high humidity can be an issue. The fruits are averagely 30-33 cm in length. Topkick is a very high yielding hybrid. The side shoot growth is quite limited and the plant produces mainly single fruits. Toploader Enza Zaden | 67

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