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Variety Cultivation

Variety Cultivation Maturity Fruit Resistances Remarks Heated greenhouse Non-heated greenhouse Open field Shape Diameter (mm) HR IR Shakira Shakira x x Early 20-30 x 190-210 Tm:0-2 Easy setting in cold climates. Nice smooth fruits. Very high yielding. Pencil Hyffae x x Early 10-15 x 170-180 Tm:0-2 Nattaly x x Early 10-15 x 180-200 Tm:0-2 Pencil shaped hot pepper for export markets. Especially suited for long term croppings. Extremely uniform and productive. For spring-autumn planting, easy setting in cold and dark green fruit colour. Hot Charleston Homera x x Early 35-45 x 180-190 Tm:0 Suitable for open field and protected production. Very flexible. Kiowa x x Early 35-45 x 180-190 Tm:0-2 Very productive variety with good winter performance. Jalapeño Centella x x Early 30-40 x 60-80 Tm:0/ Xcv:1-3 PVY:0/ PepMov Extremely uniform, highly productive, widely adaptable. Forajido x Early 30 x 60-80 PepMoV/ PVY:0-1 TEV Strong plant that shows good regrowth for long cycles. Suitable for processing. Ancho Bastan x Early 60-70 x 140-150 Ancho type with compact plant, concentrated setting and good leaf cover. Dark green uniform fruits. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on 62 | Enza Zaden

Hot Pepper Shakira Shakira Shakira is Enza Zaden’s top quality, high yielding hot pepper for the Middle Eastern markets. It has long, thick walled, dark green pointed fruits, 19 cm long by 2 cm at the top, turning to an attractive deep red colour at full maturity. The plant is quite vigorous and provides the maturing fruits with good coverage. Shakira is extremely high yielding and grows well in a wide range of cropping conditions. Pencil Nattaly Nattaly is an excellent thin pencil type of hot pepper suitable and recommended for many of the hot pepper markets of The Middle East. The strong growing plant sets prolifically throughout the whole production cycle, fruits are straight and smooth and very hot. A variety to grow in many conditions, for both protected as well as open field crops. Nattaly Hot Charleston Homera Homera is a Hot Charleston pepper type with a strong and vigorous plant habit. Fruits set well also in the cooler weather. Homera produces light to minty green coloured fruits which are straight and very attractive for the market; they change to red at full maturity. Homera is recommended for cultivation in non-heated greenhouses in Mediterranean markets, particularly for winter crops. Jalapeño Forajido Forajido is a new Enza Zaden jalapeño pepper with vigorous plant and a very high yield potential. Forajido is medium-early into production and the setting is very easy. The plant shows good regrowth in long cycles, up to 4 fruit pickings are possible. The fruits are 'bullet'-shaped, 6-7 cm long and have dark green glossy colour. The taste is very spicy. Easy stem detachment and excellent fruit quality make Forajido especially suitable for industrial processing. Forajido Ancho Bastan Bastan is an Ancho type hot pepper mainly used in the Mexican and South American markets. The yield of Bastan is tremendous; the fruits are very uniform in size and not too big. Bastan is very suitable for local market usage as well as for export. The plant is quite compact and sets fruit well in a concentrated way, the leaf cover is excellent. Bastan is a new hot pepper from Enza Zaden for the professional grower. Bastan Enza Zaden | 63

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