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Variety Cultivation

Variety Cultivation Maturity Fruit Truss Resistances Remarks Heated greenhouse Non-heated greenhouse Open field Weight (grams) Shape Harvest HR IR Si Indeterminate large plum Centenario x x Early 160-180 ToMV/Ff:A-E/Va/Vd/Fol:0-2/ For TYLCV New high yielding Saladette producing long trusses with more than 8 fruits. Excellent colour and firmness. Corleone x x Mediumearly 160-180 ToMV/Ff:A-E/Va/Vd/Fol:0-2 TYLCV/Ma/ Mi/Mj Strong growing and flexible variety. Quality fruits. Naram x x Mediumearly 130-150 x ToMV/Ff:B,D/Va/Vd/Fol:0,1 Ma/Mi/Mj Very uniform trusses with nice green parts. Paipai x x Early 160-180 ToMV/Va/Vd/Fol:0,1 TSWV/Ma/ Mi/Mj Flexible plum hybrid with exceptional fruit quality. Compact plant with short internodes. Policarpo x x Early 180-200 ToMV/Va/Vd/Fol:0,1/Pst TSWV/TYLCV/ Ma/Mi/Mj New variety with high yield and good setting in hot conditions. Savantas x x Early 100-110 x ToMV/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1/For Ma/Mi/Mj x Very attractive trusses. Uniform production pattern. Susanti x Early 105-115 x ToMV/Ff:A-E/Va/Vd/Fol:0,1/ For Ma/Mi/Mj Very nice presentation. Produces superb quality tomatoes also under artificial light. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | Si: Silvering (Chimera) | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on = large plum 38 | Enza Zaden

Tomato Indeterminate large plum Centenario Centenario is a large indeterminate plum type which is widely adapted to growing in different climates and seasons, particularly recommended for open field production on stakes in subtropical regions. The plant has a vigorous growth habit and sets fruits easily. The fruits are on average 160-180 grams in size, long plum shaped, firm and well suited to long distance shipping. Centenario has proved to be a reliable grower’s variety. Paipai Paipai is a new very flexible indeterminate plum variety, showing remarkable performance in a variety of growing conditions. Epecially recommended for non-heated and open field crops. The plant is compact, with very short internodes which makes it very labour-friendly. The hybrid is early into production, setting on average 8 fruits per truss. Large-sized fruits ripen to attractive, smooth, deep red colour. Paipai has outstanding shelf-life and shipping qualities. Policarpo Policarpo is a new, large fruiting Saladette type tomato hybrid for production in non-heated greenhouses as well as in the open field. The fruits are very large, on average 180-200 grams in size, firm and very suitable for shipping long distances. Policarpo has a strong, steady growing plant habit and sets fruits easily and regularly up the whole plant whilst maintain size at the top. The resistance package makes Policarpo a very versatile variety to grow. Susanti Susanti Susanti is an indeterminate plum variety particularly recommended for production in heated greenhouses. It has a very high overall yield of top quality fruits making Susanti a standard recommended variety. Susanti produces extremely uniform trusses of quick and even colouring attractive shiny fruits, with a fantastic taste and easy to slice. The plant habit is strong growing and well balanced. Enza Zaden | 39

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