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24 | Enza

24 | Enza Zaden

Northwest Europe the power of a multilocal company Northwest Europe is the real ‘home market’ for Enza Zaden. The market where many products are developed which also find their place in the important international 'spin-off' markets. The varieties Enza Zaden develops for this region are core products for the company. The greenhouse market in Northwest Europe is a very sophisticated market, complete with new technology, innovation and knowledge. The Netherlands takes the lead role in developing the know-how. Exports include products, genetic resources, technological developments and knowledge, promoting The Netherlands to surrounding countries as the origin of professional cultivation. The knowledge and technology of Dutch growers is at the centre of the Northwest European market. They export more than half of their products within a radius of 500 km around the Netherlands. England and Germany are their main neighbour markets, but export products are shipped to many other European countries and even further. Trust and reliability are key factors to providing buyers with the assurance of continuous and consistent supply. In order to be able to advise growers in the Northwest European countries and to offer the right varieties, it is important for Enza Zaden to be fully aware of the market requirements of our customers. Developments in our target markets are becoming increasingly important. What are the product needs of a supermarket in Germany? What type of products do you find in England at the local greengrocer’s? We need to constantly monitor and understand the dynamics involved in the target markets. Enza Zaden | 25

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