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Vegetable Seed Catalogue

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Hot Pepper Tropical

Hot Pepper Tropical Range Bromo Long thick hot pepper for lowland production. Vigorous plant, early maturing at 80 days, giving red glossy fruits of 1,8 x 16 cm. Good firm fruits. Plant is strong against bacterial wilt and bacterial spot and can withstand high temperatures very well. Flex Curly, pointed fruits of 0,9 x 18cm. Bright red colored, firm but flexible fruits. Highly tolerant to cracking. Good pungency under dry and wet conditions. Recommended for lowland production. Henla Bird or rocket type hot pepper, coloring from green to red. Fruit length up to 5 cm. Good seed filling and high pungency. Excellent yield when harvested fresh and high yield remaining when fruits are dried. Perfect table type plant, fruits well exposed for easy harvesting. 162 | Enza Zaden

Eggplant Tropical Range Fidelo Dark purple eggplant with a nice gloss and green calix. Smooth skin and blunt end. Firm fruits reaching up to 18 cm in length. Highly tolerant to bacterial wilt and drought. Single fruited harvest with the first fruit after 55 days. Forza Clustering eggplant. Dark purple fruits. Open, productive plant with 4 to 5 fruits per cluster. Short cylindrical fruits of 12 cm length with a green calix and green flesh. Good shelf life and firmness. Memento Green colored, long slim fruit on a wide branching plant. Open plant with single fruit set in every node. Fruit length over 28 cm, cylindrical shape with a blunt end. Strong and productive plant. Cucumber Lagrima Asian long bicolor cucumber. Coloring from dark at the shoulder to light green at the tip. Smooth skin without spines. Long type cucumber 22 cm long, reaching up 300 gram in weight. Early harvest at 36 days after transplanting and long continuing harvest from the side shoots. Forza Listo Short type bicolor cucumber. Fruit size up to 12 cm with a weight of 120 gram. Very suitable as a snack cucumber. Shiny and smooth fruits. Harvest at 30 days after transplanting from a self climbing plant. Enza Zaden | 163

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