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Cauliflower Cauliflower

Cauliflower Cauliflower is an open field crop grown in a lot of different environments. Every environment and market has its own requirements. Breeding activities in several countries – such as the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Australia and the USA – help Enza Zaden to adapt its varieties to the conditions of the main production regions. Our breeding activities focus primarily on the fresh market, processing market and the novelties. The fresh market is a stable market worldwide. The processing market, on the other hand, is a growing market, especially in Northern Europe and America. The novelties include Romanesco, a green and a purple cauliflower. In recent years, the Romanesco and purple types are gaining in popularity, not only in the processing industry but also from consumers. After several years of R&D activities in cauliflower, Enza Zaden is proud to introduce the first range of products for these different markets. Except for cauliflower, Enza Zaden has also breeding activities in kohlrabi, an important vegetable for the German market. To provide year-round kohlrabi to this market, it is cultivated on large scale in Germany, Italy and Spain. Our breeding activities focus mainly on the requirements for these production areas. Herre van der Sloot Senior Breeder Cauliflower The Netherlands 146 | Enza Zaden

Cauliflower Novaria Novaria is a very heat tolerant cauliflower with outstanding curd quality and presentation. The plants are vigorous and upright with dark green leaves protecting the curds well. The curds are dense, very smooth and white. The normal days to maturity are 75-80 from transplanting. Uniform curd initiation of Novaria results in a short harvest period. We recommend Novaria for summer and early autumn production. Crenique Crenique is a new autumn hybrid with healthy and strong growing plant. Twisted inner leaves and a good wrap assure very good curd protection. Curds are white, firm, dense and heavy and have a smooth texture. Presentation in commercial package is superb. Crenique usually matures in 75-85 days from transplanting. Fairway Fairway is a new flexible variety with a broad harvest window. It has a vigorous plant with tall erect leaves and very well protected curd. Excellent curd quality and nice presentation make Fairway a very attractive product to market. Maturity occurs 75-90 days from transplanting, we recommend Fairway for spring and summer cultivation. Novaria Crenique Enza Zaden | 147

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