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1 year ago

Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2021

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Watermelon Cracker Jack

Watermelon Cracker Jack F1 (E26C.00063) | PATENT PENDING Cracker Jack has an early maturity of 81-83 days with a very strong vine that has a continuous fruit setting ability and produces fruit that are blocky and oval. The uniform fruit have a firm flesh with a very deep red internal color. Recognized by growers and brokers alike for its outstanding yields, sweetness and flavor with a dark red interior and small pips. Average weights are from 15-18 lbs. Resistances: IR: Fon1 Red Amber F1 | PATENT PENDING Red Amber with its strong vigorous plant, produces high yields of uniform high quality oval fruit. Red Amber has firm flesh, small pips, a crisp texture and dark red interior color. Red Amber is a medium green striped melon averaging 16-20 lbs. The fruit mature in approximately 88 days. Resistances: IR: Fon0/Fon1/Co1 Cracker Jack (E26C.00063) Red Garnet F1 | PATENT PENDING Red Garnet has consistently shown outstanding seeding vigor in the greenhouse producing stout transplants and in field providing a strong aggressive vine that provides excellent fruit coverage and sun protection. Red Garnet is a dark green stripe type seedless watermelon showing wide adaptability in commercial fields throughout most North American production areas. The strong vigorous plant produces uniform 16-20 lbs. of oval fruit with deep red flesh in about 84 days. Resistances: IR: Fon0/Fon1 Red Opal F1 | PATENT PENDING Red Opal is a very grower friendly seedless watermelon. It produces a concentrated set of high quality light green fruit. Red Opal consistently produces uniform oval fruit maturing in about 85 days with weights ranging from 15-19 lbs. Resistances: IR: Fon0/Fon1/Co1 Red Garnet Red Opal 50 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 51