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Vegetable Seed Catalogue USA & Canada 2021

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Endive Arugula Curled

Endive Arugula Curled Carleta | Carleta is a large framed variety, suitable for cool season production. With an upright habit and good cold tolerance, Carleta offers efficient harvestability throughout the winter and early spring. This high yielding endive has a well-filled, blanched heart and can work for both processing and fresh market. Anastazia Anastazia is a slow-bolting, dark green arugula adapted to summer production. The upright and compact plant has intermediate resistance to Downy Mildew. The leaves maintain their color after harvest and have a long shelf life. Resistances: IR: Hp Anastazia Carleta Curlesi Curlesi is complementing Maratoneta and Primaleta by providing strong filling during warm season conditions and with good tolerance to tipburn. This adaptable variety has a vigorous upright habit, compact frame and is well-suited for the fresh market. Bellezia Bellezia is a beautiful variety with impressive field tolerance to Downy Mildew. Bellezia has an elegant look, with striking dark color and a highly serrated leaf margin. Excellent bolting tolerance and excellent shelf life. Resistances: IR: Hp Bellezia Maratoneta Maratoneta is an improved curly endive variety with dark green outer leaves and a well-filled, bright yellow heart. Maratoneta has a large frame and grows best in cooler conditions. Very tolerant to bolting and suitable for both fresh and processing markets. Grazia Grazia is an improved wild arugula selection that is more compact with uniform, dark green fine leaves. Grazia Eliance Escarole Eliance | Eliance has a compact frame and strong bolting tolerance that is well-suited for summer through late fall production. The inner leaves of this escarole are long and flexible, which allows for impressive self-blanching. Eliance has an upright structure which minimizes basal rot and allows for ease of harvest. Leonida Leonida is a smooth leaf medium green endive with an upright habit, large frame, and good volume of external and internal leaves. This variety has a strong tolerance to bolting and tipburn, with good field holding capacity. Tres Fin Jolizia Jolizia is a thick-textured wild arugula with good uniformity and intermediate resistance to Downy Mildew. Resistances: IR: Hp Letizia Letizia shows great field tolerance to Downy Mildew. Letizia has an exceptionally thick texture, with a smooth leaf margin. Medium green color. Good bolting tolerance in the overwinter slot and excellent shelf life. Resistances: IR: Hp Selvatica Standard Selvatica is a very tasty wild arugula variety with appealing, finely-serrated spicy leaves. Jolizia Letizia Benefine An impressive Tres fin type with a shiny dark green exterior color and well-blanched interior, Selvatica Benefine features compact, upright, tightly filled heads that are strong against bolting. Suitable Leonida for growing in warm conditions, Benefine has impressive resistance to tipburn and produces high yields of nicely frilled leaves. Resistance Makes The Difference: new generation of varieties with excellent resistances. 30 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 31